JIS logoVolume 4, number 2 (October 2014)

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J.R.R. Tolkien (translator), The Book of Jonah
Brendan N. Wolfe, 'Tolkien’s Translation of Jonah'
Leslie Baynes, 'C. S. Lewis’s Use of Scripture in the ‘Liar, Lunatic, Lord’ Argument'
Stratford Caldecott, 'New Light. Tolkien’s Philosophy of Creation in The Silmarillion'
Bruce R. Johnson, 'Scripture, Setting, and Audience in the RAF Talks of C. S. Lewis'
Arend Smilde, 'C. S. Lewis, St Jerome, and the Biblical Creation Story: The Background of a Recurring Misattribution'

Book Reviews:
C.S. Lewis, Image and Imagination: Essays and Reviews, ed. Walter Hooper. Review by Arend Smilde, pp. 127-131.
Alister McGrath, Deep Magic, Dragons & Talking Mice: How Reading C.S. Lewis Can Change Your Life. Review by William Gallagher, pp. 132-133