The Great War

This is the first issue of the Inklings Studies Supplements:

The ‘Great War’ of Owen Barfield and C.S. Lewis: 
Philosophical Writings, 1927 – 1930


Edited by Norbert Feinendegen and Arend Smilde

The ‘Great War’ is C.S. Lewis’s and Owen Barfield’s most significant philosophical debate, defining their life-long views on the roles of reason and the imagination in finding truth. It spanned several years of conversations, letters and treatises in the 1920s. While Lewis’s letters are in the appendix to his Collected Letters, the more substantial writings have remained unpublished. Norbert Feinendegen and Arend Smilde present a critical text with a substantial historical, textual and philosophical introduction.

Published in a strictly limited paperback edition, this volume is indispensable for scholars trying to come to terms with these great authors’ appreciation and criticism of reason and the imagination as tools for the perception and judgement of truth.

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