The Journal of Inklings Studies is the premier academic journal on the Oxford literary circle known as the Inklings, and on their intellectual and literary debts and legacies. Established in 2005 (originally as the C.S. Lewis Chronicle), the journal has been publishing some of the best scholarship in the field, as well as original material by its subject authors.
It expands this tradition in the newly launched Inklings Studies Supplements.


Vol 5, No 1, April 2015

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Walter Hooper, 'Warnie's Problem: An Introduction to a Letter from C.S. Lewis to Owen Barfield'
C.S. Lewis, 'Letter to Owen Barfield' (1949)
Aren Roukema, 'A Veil that Reveals: Charles Williams and the Fellowship of the Rosy Cross'
Lynn Forest-Hill, 'Tree and flower and leaf and grass: Anachronism and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Botanical Semiotics'
Benson Fraser and Terry Lindvall, 'Embalmed Images: C.S. Lewis and Cinema'
Philip Mitchell, 'So Numerous, So Cheap, and So Changing: G. K. Chesterton and the Speed
of Modernity'

Online Exclusives:

Michael Duggan, 'Tolkien and the Catholic Workers College: The Story of a Near Miss'
Nathan Rupp, 'Owen Barfield, the Syllogism, and Vico's Middle Term

Book Reviews:
Deborah H. Higgens, Anglo-Saxon Community in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Review by Nelson Goering

Monika B. Hilder, Surprised by the Feminine: A Rereading of C. S. Lewis and Gender. Review by Simon Vaughan

Mark Atherton, There and Back Again: J. R. R. Tolkien and the Origins of The Hobbit. Review by Trevor Hart

Jacob Schriftman, The C.S. Lewis Book on the Bible: What the Greatest Christian Writer Thought About the Greatest Book. Review by Paul Tankard

Stratford Caldecott and Thomas Honegger (eds), Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings: Sources of Inspiration. Review by Faith Liu