JIS logoVolume 3, number 2 (October 2013)

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Cory Grewell, ‘Introduction: Medievalist Fantasies of Christendom’, pp. 3-10
Cory Grewell, ‘“It’s All One”: Medievalist Synthesis and Christian Apology in Owen Barfield’s Studies of Meaning’, pp. 11-40
Chris Willerton, ‘Dorothy L. Sayers, Dante, and the Modern Reader’, pp. 41-58
Sørina Higgins, ‘Double Affirmation: Medievalism as Christian Apologetic in the Arthurian Poetry of Charles Williams’, pp. 59-96
Janice Brown, ‘C.S. Lewis and the Truth about Angels’, pp. 97-110
Crystal Downing, ‘Angelic Work: The Medieval Sensibilities of Dorothy L. Sayers’, pp. 111-132
Taylor Driggers, ‘Modern Medievalism and Myth: Tolkien, Tennyson, and the Quest for a Hero’, pp. 133-52
Salwa Khoddam, ‘The God Amor, the Cruel Lady, and the Suppliant Lover: C.S. Lewis and Courtly Love in Chapter One of The Allegory of Love’, pp. 153-181

Review Essay:

Anna Caughey, ‘Old and Middle English Influences in The Fall of Arthur’, pp. 183-207