JIS logoVolume 1, number 2 (October 2011)


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Judith Wolfe, ‘From the Editor’, pp. 3-5
Arend Smilde, ‘What Lewis Really Did to Miracles: A Philosophical Layman’s Attempt to Understand the Anscombe Affair’, pp. 9-24
Peter van Inwagen, ‘C. S. Lewis’s Argument against Naturalism’, pp. 25-40
Marcel Sarot, ‘The Cardinal Difficulty for Naturalism: C.S. Lewis' Argument Reconsidered in Light of Peter van Inwagen's Critique’, pp. 41-53
Roger Teichmann, ‘Anscombe’s Argument’, pp. 55-68
P.H. Brazier, ‘C.S. Lewis and the Anscombe Debate: from Analogia Entis to Analogia Fidei’, pp. 69-123

Book Reviews:
Dinah Hazell, The Plants of Middle-earth: Botany and Sub-creation. Review by Jason Fisher, pp. 125-28
Laura K. Simmons, Creed without Chaos: Exploring Theology in the Writings of Dorothy L. Sayers. Review by James Watkins, pp. 129-32
Peter J. Schakel, The Way into Narnia: A Readers’ Guide. Review by Shannon C. Taylor, pp. 132-36