JIS logoVolume 7, number 1 (April 2017)


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Brian M. Williams, 'C. S. Lewis & John Hick on Theodicy: Superficially Similar but Significantly Different', pp. 3-27
Duane Litz Jr, 'Recovering Mrs Fidget: An Analysis of the Rise, Fall, and Restoration of Storge as Envisioned in The Four Loves and Lewis’ Fiction, pp. 29-102
Don King, Warren Lewis, Mrs Janie King Moore, and The Kilns', pp. 103-118
Jon Fennell, 'Objective Value: A Note on Values vs Valuing in The Abolition of Man', pp. 119-123

Book Reviews
Justin Dyer and Micah J. Watson, C.S. Lewis on Politics and the Natural Law. Reviewed by Basil J. McLaren, pp. 125-128

Wesley A. Kort, Reading C. S. Lewis: A Commentary. Reviewed by Peter Benbow, pp. 129-132

Raymond Edwards, Tolkien. Reviewed by Nelson Goering, pp. 133-137